October 2-4, 2020 - Miami, FL

WHOLEXPO focuses on educating and empowering the global community to achieving human and environmental health through a sustainable and conscious plant-based lifestyle. 
WHOLEXPO connects human health (prevention and reversal of chronic human disease), and planetary health (prevention and reversal of planetary destruction), as two codependent factors. 
Wholexpo brings together brands, organizations, farmers, children and families, health professionals, media, students, scientists,  activists, networkers, investors, and the general public into one single event.

A Whole in one!

– Un Todo En Uno –

Through informative and innovating sessions WHOLEXPO focuses on demystifying concepts of optimal human nutrition, lifestyle, and wellbeing, as well as providing education, empowerment and clear calls to action for ethical and environmental sustainability.

Whole Food






GMO Free

Plastic Free




Opposite to “partial” or “reductionist”, WHOLE means a comprehensive and cohesive evidence-based approach in all aspects of human and planetary wellbeing.

Wholexpo is based in a comprehensive and cohesive (wholistic) approach to wellbeing as described in the Universal Guidelines for Human and Environmental Health.

WHOLEXPO's Main Events

– Eventos Principales de WHOLEXPO –

WFPB.ORG | Reversive Medicine Symposium
WFPB.ORG | Wholly Awards
WFPB.ORG | The Expo
Inside the Expo
Wholexpo Educational Stations
Wholexpo Educational Stations
Wholexpo Educational Stations




Naked Food Magazine
International Association of Reversive Medicine

Wholexpo 2018

Wholexpo | WFPB.ORG

The first international WHOLEXPO took event in Bogotá, Colombia, in South America in September 2018. The 3-day event gathered more than 5000 people including children, families, teachers, entrepreneurs, farmers, doctors, coaches, experts, businesses and farmers markets.  Take a look at what happened at Wholexpo Bogotá.

Speakers included T. Colin Campbell, PhD., Torre Washington, Evelisse Capó, Michele Lastella, Antonio Soler, MD., Margarita Restrepo, Diana Esguerra, MD., and Claudia Diaz among others.

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