A Global Community.

WFPB.ORG is the first organization of its kind aimed at rewarding those who make sustainable choices for their health, their lifestyles, and the planet.

We are creating a unique alliance of passionate individuals in the global community to collectively support one another on our collective goal: a conscious and healthy world.

Member benefits include discounts, perks, and special offerings for and from the entire WFPB global community. Benefits range from lodging, traveling, shopping, transportation, restaurants, and products to professional services, medical education, expert advice, resources, and everything in between.

Discounts & Perks

WFPB.ORG | Membership Benefits

Get discounts on entertainment, dining, grocery stores, products, services, events, lodging, traveling, and so much more with your WFPB membership.


Get benefits on health programs, conferences, courses, certifications, cooking classes, and our educational programs specially designed for you and every member of your family.


Naked Food Magazine.

Stay up to date with the latest articles on health, nutrition, and lifestyle to help you stay at your best! Naked Food is an award-winning publication that offers up 100% evidence-based information on the subjects of lifestyle medicine, plant-based nutrition, sustainable living, and every other subject that suits you, so you never skip a beat.


Check out the WFPB.ORG website to see what we have for you! Learn about how we advocate, help you boost your well-being, find ways to help improve your community, the environment, and read articles that are up to date on issues relevant to you and your life.

WFPB.ORG | Naked Food Magazine

Community Network.

WFPB.ORG | Community Profile
Connecting People.

The WFPB.ORG membership offers you the ability to create your own social profile within the WFPB community.  You will be able to network with individuals and professionals around the globe who share your same WFPB philosophy, and sprout friendships or business opportunities with kindred spirits.

Education & Resources

Food as Medicine.
  • Read up on how to stay healthy through lifestyle medicine with scientific information on nutrition, physical activity, and stress reduction.
  • Have access to scientific documents on sustainability, guides, e-books, manuals, and other relevant tools to help you ignite your own community.


Sustainable Living.

Become a green machine through your everyday life, even in an urban setting. Grow your own food, create a community garden, learn to compost and avoid food waste, learn companion planting, permaculture, and create your own organic seed bank.


WFPB Travel Guide. (Coming Soon!)

The passport gives you access to hundreds of WFPB and Vegan listings to guide you all along the way.  Get information on where you should stay, what you should do, and how to get to your next WFPB and vegan destination. Plan your next journey with our destination guide so you can get exactly what you want, at the best price possible!

WFPB.ORG | Membership Benefits
WFPB.ORG | Membership Benefits

Community & Advocacy

WFPB.ORG | Membership Benefits

WFPB stands for science-based information for human and environmental health.  We advocate through media and cross-support with our member community and the global community in general.


We are committed to advocating for issues we believe in. We firmly stand by local farming, organic agriculture, soil, water, and air purity as well as truth in labeling, advertising, academia, science, media, medicine, healthcare, and education.

We actively fight against misinformation and invite you to be active with us!

Joining In.

Who Can Join?

Membership is open to the global community of individuals, professionals, businesses, and services who follow, focus, or support a humanely- and environmentally-conscious plant-based, vegan lifestyle.

How to Join?

Joining online is fast and secure, and once you’ve signed up you can start enjoying benefits right away.
You can also sign up by mail by sending this membership request to WFPB.ORG Membership PO Box 550551, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33355.

Taking The Pledge.

By becoming a member you take the WFPB Pledge, which is a testimonial to the respect and fostering of our environment, the planet’s natural resources, and the earthlings who live in it including yourself.

Every individual in the WFPB community chooses to follow a whole food, plant-based diet supported by a lifestyle medicine approach to human health; to pursue a kind, compassionate, and vegan philosophy to non-human animals; and to embrace an environmentally sustainable lifestyle for the preservation of water, air, soil, and other natural resources.