Land Sanctuaries


Land sanctuaries are neighboring plots of land or real estate properties available exclusively to WFPB members who wish to build conscious, kind, and sustainable homesteads around the world.


As part of our commitment to the preservation of the land, soil, ecosystem, and our natural resources, it is our duty to create and support exemplary communities of like-minded individuals who in exchange will create land sanctuaries that are shared and enjoyed by humans and non-human animals in a conscious, kind, and sustainable way of living.


The purpose of these sanctuaries is to empower individuals to create their own self-sufficient communities and live in harmony with nature, regain and maintain good health, and achieve a self-dependent lifestyle. Land Sanctuaries are available to anyone who adheres to the following simple guidelines:

– Land or real estate may only be rented or purchased by 100% plant-based and vegan individuals.
– Use of land’s soil must comply to principles of vegan organic agriculture and/or vegan permaculture.
– Crops grown in the property must be organic and come from non-GMO seeds.
– Use of chemicals, pesticides, and herbicides is prohibited.
– Animals may not be utilized, used, mistreated, abused, killed or exploited for any purpose whatsoever.
– Composting, recycling, upcycling, and zero-waste habits are required.

Non-compliance with the requirements above will result on the immediate revocation of the land or property and no funds will be returned to the purchaser or renter.


Size: Available land/property sizes may vary depending on location.

Use: Land may be used as a first or second home and for homesteading purposes including, to live on it or for holidays, to grow organic vegetables, fruit trees, and other kind of vegetation, and to cohabit with animals and nature.  A percentage of the land may also be used for plant-based agricultural purposes depending on the regional or local statutes of limitation.

Animals: All Animals are welcome specially rescued farmed animals.

 Living: New construction and development of living spaces must be established under sustainable, renewable, and ecologically responsible practices that include “off-the-grid” options as much as possible.

Building Community: Residents are encouraged to share knowledge and abilities as well as to exchange commodities without money.  The creation of a common currency and ways to help one another is also encouraged.

Zero-Waste: The use of single use plastic should be avoided and recycling and reusing is mandatory.

Renewable Sources: Land plots may have available water sources, but it is the responsibility of the resident to source water and other utilities if needed. Owners should make responsible use of water, soil, and electricity, and opt for zero-waste practices.

Stewardship: Land sanctuaries are designed to be havens of sustainability, consciousness, and harmony within humans and with the environment. The organization reserves the right to revoke ownership if new or existing owners do not observe to sustainable plant-based and vegan philosophies.

Prohibitions & Clauses.

It is absolutely prohibited:

  • To use genetically modified seeds anywhere.
  • To use, abuse, eat, or slaughter any living creature.
  • To litter in or outside the perimeters.
  • To mistreat any animals or vegetation species for personal or commercial purposes.  Any abuse will immediately revoke the ownership right of the land without the right of a refund.
  • To pass ownership of the land to a non-wfpb individual, business, or organization.  In this case, the organization has the right to revoke ownership if new or existing owners do not adhere to the philosophies of the Land Sanctuaries.

Plots and rentals will be available for lower-than-market prices and very affordable for most budgets.  An individual can rent/purchase a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 3 properties as long as the usage of the land complies with the descriptions above.


The Land Sanctuary initiative seeks to develop sustainable communities in different areas of the planet. The first land plots being researched are in the areas of Europe, Central America, United States, and Canada.

Join In.

WFPB.ORG’s team is constantly searching for available properties around the world. Land availability will be offered in many countries and continents.  If you are interested in “Renting or Owning” a land sanctuary please sign up below. You will be notified once land or property becomes available.
If you are interested in offering or donating your property to become a land sanctuary, please submit the “Donating Land” form below.


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