Plant My Future: Women Empowerment through Sustainable Gastronomy

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Plant My Future: Women Empowerment through Sustainable Gastronomy


Of the forces that will shape our future as a species, the greatest are our collective behaviors.

Shaping Futures offers a brighter future to disadvantaged youngsters by teaching them the craft of hairdressing. Voluntary teams from our partner salons have been bringing their hairdressing knowledge and expertise to disadvantaged youngsters in twenty-five countries

Shape a Future is the ultimate bundle to help children live and learn — Vaccines and School-in-a-Box. Measles and Polio Vaccines shield young bodies from grave harm, protecting them from preventable, deadly infections.School-in-a-Box creates an oasis of learning for children in trauma, giving them the chance to forget the devastation and focus on their studies.

This tool is here to help you daydream about the lifestyle you might like to have in the future. It gives a light-hearted look at how much the lifestyle you want could cost.


Why you should set up the shape a future? Let’s come to the characteristics of the plan must have.

  • Orientate the plan for your career in the future.
  • Discover what your retirement income might be.
  • How much the lifestyle you want could cost.
  • Plan how you might make it happen.

Shape Your Future is dedicated to improving community health.

We encourage parents, children and all Oklahomans to live healthier lives every day by eating more fruits and vegetables, getting the appropriate amount of physical activity and being tobacco free.


Shape Your Future reveals how simple lifestyle changes can improve your health and your future.

  • Get the appropriate amount of physical activity.
  • Take care the healthy on your holidays.
  • Improve your heathy in the life.
  • Check your healthy periodic.

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